Thanks to David Lynch I now know how to cook quinoa


Teenage Cave

Well he looks teenage anyway



Played a gig

Me & Nikky playing as Lisp Machines with special guest Chrissy on melodica. Thanks Louis for the video – next time please try harder.

Official fave of Groove Inc™, recorded circa 1990, minimally remixed for 2019


Unheard One

Only £12 including P&P. This was recorded in Tooting in 1989 I think.

Several people have drawn comparisons to a Cure song where Mr Smith is singing an equally banal advert but I have never heard that song and I refuse to acknowledge its similarity!

Original by Ben Wallers.

Recorded in the presence of my 10 yr old son, hence the sanitised lyrics. Check out the original for the full effect.

I bloody love this riff. It’s so far up my street it’s got its own door key.


Fuzzy Dice

We got a dog. He has fuzzy dice.

New website coming soon by the way!