In February 2008 I entered the RPM Challenge (Record Production Month) under the name Eggs By Post.

There’s no prize, it’s just a challenge to write and record an album in a month. I’ve been playing music for years but my own recordings had dried up, so I signed up: ridiculous deadlines are a pretty good motivator for me.

After a hectic 9 days I posted my CD on March 1st. Straight after I felt a massive anticlimax: what the hell was all about?! But in the following weeks I felt a new motivation to play and make recordings. The RPM project led to a couple of other things, which then led to this stupid idea to try and keep up a daily thrice-weekly audio blog for… oh let’s say a year or so.

About track ratings

The idea of the ratings is to get an idea of what sort of tracks people like – it’d be great if you could rate each one you listen to.

Please be honest, even if you know me personally and I seem like I need pepping up… If you hear a track you hate just rate it “Bad…” – don’t wimp out with the soft option 3/5, or not rate it at all. And if you like something please let me know!


If you want to work on something with me please get in touch – let’s do it!


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