Sleeping Oct 03

The Goat Oct 02

To tide you over till the er… big relaunch, there’ll be more vintage Farrow material coming over the next 5 days.

Relaunch Sep 29

I’m working on some new approaches to the music and a new look for the site, so I’m going to shut down for 2 a few weeks and relaunch the new freshness in mid October December.

Thanks for all your visits, listens and comments so far!

Beach BN Sep 12

Props to Louis and his encyclopedic knowledge of biscuits. And apologies to Nikky if you were working on a part for this… I just had nothing else to post.

Hairland Sep 10

Duet in F Sep 08

Nods to David Lucas Burge for the ear training advice and William Leavitt (again) for writing the tune.

This is the last post of vintage Farrow sounds (until next time I go on holiday). Normal service will be resumed next week.