Original by Ben Wallers.

Recorded in the presence of my 10 yr old son, hence the sanitised lyrics. Check out the original for the full effect.

I bloody love this riff. It’s so far up my street it’s got its own door key.


Fuzzy Dice

We got a dog. He has fuzzy dice.

New website coming soon by the way!



Sorry for being quiet for a long time… Hello!


For those of you who want to play along at home, here’s the manuscript



Following Philip’s recommendation I received a monotribe for my birthday. It’s ace!

Philip very kindly sent a suitably demented lead part for the previous number, so here’s a remix incorporating it. I also added new rhythm parts and sound effects, hoping to evoke a Victorian Talking Machine..


Daisy daisy

It’s been a while… so I thought it might be nice to come back with some cover versions.

UPDATE: Listen to the full version here!


Om Shanty

I’ve just moved to Toronto and haven’t got my recording set-up working yet, but I thought I would post more vintage stuff.


Eggs update

I’m updating the site, which means that all the audio has disappeared for the moment. Check back in a day or two and it should be fixed.

[UPDATE] Fixed now!