My overly energetic remix of the lovely Mike Mcdonald’s laid back track Each Time:


Hey fans!

Sorry to have been negligent of late*. I wish I could say I have spent the lockdowns in a creative frenzy but the truth is quite the opposite. But I will strive to offer you, my fans, some recompense very soon!

Meanwhile here’s something from a couple of years ago:

*You can talk though!


Teenage Cave

Well he looks teenage anyway



Played a gig

Me & Nikky playing as Lisp Machines with special guest Chrissy on melodica. Thanks Louis for the video – next time please try harder.


Eggs update

I’m updating the site, which means that all the audio has disappeared for the moment. Check back in a day or two and it should be fixed.

[UPDATE] Fixed now!



I’m working on some new approaches to the music and a new look for the site, so I’m going to shut down for 2 a few weeks and relaunch the new freshness in mid October December.

Thanks for all your visits, listens and comments so far!

I’ve changed my mind about trying to do 7 audio posts a week – it’s too much for all of us and I don’t want to end up churning out crap just to try and keep up.

So the new plan is this: three audio posts a week on regular days (maybe Mon, Weds & Fri) plus a new wallpaper image each week just to keep it looking fresh.

And I’m going to start on the 1st of August so… see you then!

I’m getting ready to start a daily audio blog which will run for… oh let’s say a year.

Any encouragement is welcome…!